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The mission of KCOBA is to be an advocate and a reliable resource of financial and material aid for Kingston College High School.



This will be achieved through the following:

• Promoting the interest of Kingston College, Jamaica, WI., and those who attend that institution.
• Upholding and perpetuating its teachings.
• Promoting a better understanding of, and an appreciation for the cultural heritage of Jamaica.

• Developing economic and social ideas for the betterment of the human family in general, and Kingston College
   in particular.
• Conducting fund-raising activities to accumulate financial resources to assist needy students and special projects at
   Kingston College and deserving local charities in the USA.


KCOBA will ensure that Kingston College continues to be a beacon of hope for its student population. Computer literacy will be insisted upon, as we believe that this is fundamental to being successful in life. Kingston College must maintain its tradition of being an inexhaustible student reservoir of excellent scholarship and good moral character from which Jamaica's future leaders will emerge.


Currently, the activities of KCOBA Florida are coordinated by a Steering Committee. Membership is open to all former students of Kingston College. Since its formation, KCOBA has upheld its stated mission, providing Kingston College with equipment for the Science Laboratory, school ties, sports equipment, scholarship, student awards, and recognizing dedicated and outstanding teachers and supporters of K.C.

More recently, the Association has expanded its assistance in the area of physical plant maintenance.

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